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Stella Kids continues to explore eco-friendly girls clothing across little girls jumper dresses and denim dungarees made from organic cotton as well as recycled materials. Discover our entire sustainable range including our bold and bright girls jersey dresses, made from organic cotton grown without harmful chemicals.

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    Georgette Silk Dress-Multicolour-medium Georgette Silk Dress-Multicolour-medium
    1 Colour
    Garden Wool Dress-Multicolour-medium Garden Wool Dress-Multicolour-medium
    1 Colour
    Stella Loves Twill Dress-Pink-medium Stella Loves Twill Dress-Pink-medium
    1 Colour
    Hearts Jacquard Dress-Pink-medium Hearts Jacquard Dress-Pink-medium
    1 Colour
    Hearts Tencel Twill Dress-Multicolour-medium Hearts Tencel Twill Dress-Multicolour-medium
    1 Colour
    Pencils Twill Dress -Black-medium Pencils Twill Dress -Black-medium
    1 Colour
    Logo Denim Dress-Black-medium Logo Denim Dress-Black-medium
    1 Colour
    Pencils Denim Dress -Blue-medium Pencils Denim Dress -Blue-medium
    1 Colour
    Denim All In One-Blue-medium Denim All In One-Blue-medium
    1 Colour
     Stella Fleece Dress-White-medium  Stella Fleece Dress-White-medium
    1 Colour
    3D Hearts Tulle Dress-Pink-medium 3D Hearts Tulle Dress-Pink-medium
    1 Colour