The story of the Falabella is the story of Stella. A vehicle for innovation and collaboration, evolving with and embodying our mission of never compromising on desirability for sustainability. The original vegan ‘it’ bag debuted as part of the Winter 2009 collection, revolutionary then and now – the Falabella rebelled against the status quo and set a new standard for luxury accessories made without any leather, but with the same Italian handcraftsmanship, luxury quality and durability as animal products.

We celebrate the Falabella’s 15th anniversary

through an edit of four limited-edition styles. 

"I named our iconic Falabella after my favourite breed of horse; embodying my love of animals and beautiful, luxurious vegan fashion and material innovation." 

A Pioneering Legacy

Stella McCartney launched her brand in 2001 as the first-ever luxury house to never use leather, feathers, fur and skins since day one. This love for animals was instilled in her by her legendary parents, who were leading voices in the early days of the animal rights and vegetarian movements. Paul and Linda McCartney raised Stella in the British countryside, where she spent her childhood on horseback, with the Falabella named after her favourite species of pony. 

“Every year, the fashion industry kills over 1 billion animals for leather. The Falabella has never harmed a single creature, and is vegan down to the glue.” 

An Innovation Icon

Handcrafted by artisans in Italy, the Falabella bag reflects Stella McCartney’s leadership in sustainability – revisited seasonally in industry-shifting regenerative, recycled, circular and lower-impact technologies. Recent innovations include next-gen alternatives to animal leather: MIRUM®, a plant-based, plastic-free and fully circular material; VEGEA, using grape by-product from Italian wineries; and YATAY®, made from a mix of agricultural waste and recycled fibres.

Conscious Craftmanship

The Falabella’s immediately recognisable design is a dichotomy of masculine and feminine, hard and soft; making it a favourite amongst fashion lovers, change makers and the celebrity set. Its codes have made it iconic: a diamond-cut chain in recycled brass and recyclable aluminium, and a medallion in zero-waste zamac. All Falabella bags feature a monogrammed lining giving a second life to ocean plastics and are hand-laced with organic cotton rope through individually punched holes; a process that takes over three hours. 

“I always ask, ‘Can we do this in a more sustainable way without sacrificing quality or design?’ If we can, then there is no reason not to.”

No Leather Ever

Every year, the fashion industry kills over 1 billion animals for leather (PETA). This has a negative impact on the environment, with animal agriculture responsible for 80% of the Amazon’s deforested areas and driving 14.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (FAO). The Falabella has never harmed a single creature, and is vegan down to the glue. 

The original luxury vegan designer handbag, our iconic Falabella bag family is thoughtfully handcrafted by artisans in Italy from next-gen, cruelty-free, sustainable material innovations. It is not only inspired by nature, but designed to protect it. A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney has never used animal leathers or furs – and she never will. Our luxury fashion brand is committed to working with alternative supreme quality materials that are responsibly sourced and kinder to the environment