Spring 2023: What is rechilding?

Spring 2023 is inspired by rewilding and rechilding. British birds and native British mammals in need of conservation are lovingly hand-drawn as bespoke prints, starting conversations about restoring the natural world around us, as well as the child within us. 

Where rewilding protects and regenerates nature and its ecosystems by taking a step back and letting Mother Earth rebalance herself, rechilding follows the same spirit – steering us back to a child-like state to develop a more positive outlook. 

What is rechilding? 

Rechilding is a transactional analysis technique used in psychotherapy, guiding patients to a child-like state in order to develop more positive outlooks, experiences and relationships with others. In today’s busy, fast-paced, always-on environment, studies show that such techniques can help with depression, anxiety and self-esteem. 


Rechilding in Spring 2023 

Spring 2023 is a pastiche of mood-lifting prints and colours blooming with sunflower yellow, rose pink, poppy red and lime green – made for an untamed Stella woman living freely and in harmony with Mother Earth. A balanced celebration of nature and youthful confidence, the collection combines native flora and fauna with a sense of childhood naivety. 

Hand-crocheted flowers on patchwork dresses, vibrant silk bubble skirts and fun ribbon-like dresses encourage a youthful innocence, playfulness and fearlessness. Inherently wearable as well as statement-making, Spring 2023 encourages Stella women to confidently wear what they want, when they want. 


The benefits of rechilding and playfulness 

From positive outlooks to improving our relationships with others, we believe in restoring a natural balance. According to a study by psychologists from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, increasing playfulness improves our mood – making us more positive, creative and curious.  

Other studies have proved that positivity and optimism can help people live 11-15% longer on average. Optimists enjoy higher levels of wellbeing, sleep better, are less stressed and even have better cardiovascular health. 

Together, we can restore the world around us, and within us, today – to protect our shared tomorrow.