Spring 2023: Why we believe rewilding is the now and future 

Spring 2023 is made for an untamed Stella woman living freely and in harmony with Mother Earth, inspired by the concepts of rewilding and rechilding – restoring the natural world around us and the child within. 

Stella was moved by the concept of rewilding – reinstating natural processes and allowing Mother Earth to rebalance herself – and how it can rebuild the planet’s natural support system, reverse biodiversity loss and fight against the climate crisis. She is additionally working with celebrated British ecologist Derek Gow to rewild her own garden. 

This rewilding ethos is expressed in the Spring 2023 collection through hand-drawn prints of British bird and mammal species in need of protection, alongside signature animal patterns emboldening Stella women to embrace their wild sides. 

What is rewilding? 

Rewilding is defined by Rewilding Britain as the ‘large-scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature is allowed to take care of itself’. From reintroducing keystone species to letting nature lead the way, we can reinstate the planet’s natural processes and rebuild flourishing ecosystems. 

It encourages a harmony between people and nature, and can even create nature-based economies where we can reconnect with ‘wild nature’ and give back to Mother Earth. 


Why do we support rewilding? 

The principles of rewilding align closely with those of our brand. 

We strive to create the most beautiful, desirable products with the least impact on our environment. Today, we further this by continuing to push towards circularity and a nature-positive and regenerative approach to sourcing – actively restoring and rebuilding our ecosystems while providing measurable social and economic benefits. 

More than half of Britain’s native species is in decline today and our woodlands have been reduced to only 6% coverage across the country. By supporting rewilding, we can protect our remaining species, reintroduce declining species and expand woodlands and other natural habitats. 

Conservation efforts have been made, but they are not enough in our current ‘Decisive Decade’ and climate change emergency.

How can rewilding fight against climate change? 

Mother Earth already has her own tools and natural support system. Rewilding simply creates opportunities to reinstate all of her processes, interconnecting keystone species, native animals and plants and, in turn, their habits and processes. This transforms the landscape into a thriving ecosystem that benefits all creatures – including humans. 

As a zero-deforestation brand, we are committed to only using traceable FSC-certified wood pulp from responsibly managed forests to craft our forest-friendly viscose. A key concept of rewilding for climate change is that it can protect and, eventually, expand woodlands. 

Larger native woodlands mean we can increase carbon storage and sequestering, enabling a more diverse range of wildlife to establish. Trees, marshes and peatlands by rivers and bodies of water are naturally adapted to capture carbon, and the native species in these habitats intuitively play vital roles in the process. 

Protecting and rewilding our environment and ecosystems is essential to our collective fight against the climate crisis. And our Spring 2023 collection is dedicated to this cause. 


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