Coronation concert: Stella’s conservation spoken-word performance 

Stella was honoured to take to the Coronation Concert stage on Sunday 7th May 2023 to deliver a spoken-word performance with a natural conservation theme, a reflection of hers and The King’s shared passion for environmental sustainability. 

Part of a broader nature-themed section of the concert, Stella’s speech detailed her very first encounters with Mother Earth and shines a light on a ‘pressing need for change’. Her spoken-word performance also featured a poignant rendition of a 1980s hit, performed by classical-soul composer/producer Alexis Ffrench and London-based singer-songwriter Zak Abel, backed by the house orchestra, band and choir. 

The stage, which was 25m high, 35m wide and 35m deep, was designed and built almost entirely of rental stock to make it as sustainable as possible – with 85% of the lighting from energy-saving LEDs. 

For her performance, Stella wore a moulded Savile Row oversized blazer in lipstick red from our Winter 2023 runway collection. 

His Majesty King Charles III and sustainability 

His Majesty King Charles III has been an advocate for better conservation, ecological solutions and protecting our planet for more than 50 years, working to draw attention to climate change but also driving change for more sustainable practices including organic farming and sustainable living. 

His Majesty King Charles III also recently awarded Stella McCartney with Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in recognition of her services to fashion and sustainability. 

Stella's ‘The natural world’ speech 

“Our home is truly awe-inspiring. From oceans full of magnificent corals and wildlife, to forests – lush and vivid green, alive with curious animals. 

As a child I remember the thrill of being in the Scottish Highlands, of Mother Earth’s beauty so vast and untamed.  

Over time we have grown with our glorious earth and made huge advancements in science, technology and fashion, but we have also seen much of our natural world change and become shockingly unrecognisable. 

Our actions are jeopardising the very fabric of life. There is a pressing need for change. 

But in adversity, beacons of light do shine. His Majesty the King has been shining a spotlight on conservation and protecting our planet for 50 years now. He champions hope and action. 

And in that hopeful spirit, on this happy day, the work of healing our planet should be, and must be, the cause that unites us – never the cause that divides us. The planet is literally bigger than any of our differences. 

We need to leave a safe and sustainable world for all generations to come."