Softly deconstructing classic and timeless pieces from a man and woman’s wardrobe. Set alive that relationship and bring the two together in a modern way.

Tailoring and dresses flipped inside out. The lining of a man’s coat becomes a fluid dress sitting beneath the jacket it was cut from, with bare seams and exposed darts. Grey traditional English mélange tweed upon grey, and black layered with black.

All is not as it seems. Reconstructed waistcoats are stacked upon each other to recreate fluid tailored jackets in camel and champagne. Playful double-take trousers feature shorts appearing as if they are worn over long slouchy trousers except, from behind they are cut from the same cloth. Elsewhere, a knitted pencil skirt silhouette is part culotte with a deep dropped crotch in mineral mist. Sensual Skin Free Skin alter nappa dresses are pulled tight across the body, knotted, twisted and wrapped, in midnight blue and burgundy.

Statement knitwear. Traditional Aran jumpers come enlarged and falling off the body or shrunken and worn tight, knitted in a soft wool alpaca mix, in charcoal grey mélange. Different stitches and colours are patched together in a bohemian way to give texture and pattern. In extreme form, the knit comes with extensions and curls of yarn that give a deep patterned relief to a cape and oversized jumper. Signature denim in organic cotton in shirts and all in ones. Check suiting and coats with quilted details worn with curduroys are given new life.

Reconstructed dresses inspired by lingerie slip dresses in pearl blush and liqueur. Pieced together vintage wedding dresses inspire neon pink and off-whites lace dresses, intricately beaded by hand. Silk Georgette in camelia rose and pearl blush. Exposed seam dresses made of subtly different floral jacquards muted by layers of tulle and lace.

The work of J.H. Lynch, the British artist known for his evocative paintings of sultry women in the 60’s, becomes a print and bring bolder colors through. Postcards of floral arrangements from the 50’s and 60’s are modernized in an oversaturated floral motif printed on a velvet body. Lynch’s “Tina” is peeping from under a cloud of transparent lace and tulle, as does “Lisa” and “Nymph,” appearing moody and evocative through rich lace or tulle, worn with deeply textured cinnamon and sparkly beige Fur Free Fur coats.

The new Loop trainer uses specially designed hooks and stitching to avoid the use of glues in the sole construction in alter nappa, lace and knit, in short, ankle and knee high versions, illustrating a design supportive of a more recyclable circular economy. Classic penny loafers, with sling backs come with a concealed internal plateau to give an exaggerated silhouette. Heels are thin or thick, wooden and tubular in alter snake in chocolate, dark tan, camel and black.

Playful ornamental dogs and deers in enamel dangle from the ears, around the neck or pinned to the chest.

This season, the Falabella’s iconic chain is reworked with a new fine chain coloured to match the rest of the bag; white nappa with white chain, camel with gold and black with black chain. Introducing a sports drawstring inspired monogrammed bag, possibly fitting into another bag, in black, ivory and camel.

Cluster of mini bags, tiny wallets, keyrings, phone cases, and coin purses are perforated with a “Stella” monogram logo layered in different textured of mock exotics in greys, camels, black and white. Flo bucket bags appears with the wallets hanging off the handle strap.

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