post Meet our new partner: Parley for the Oceans

We are proud to announce a partnership with Parley for the Oceans.

Parley for the Oceans is the space and network where the creative industries come together to raise awareness about the oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. The ocean is a vital part of our planet and we are running out of time to save it.

The Parley Ocean Plastic Program – led by the Parley AIR Strategy (Avoid, Intercept and Redesign) – combats marine plastic pollution; one of the biggest threats to the ocean today.

These are some facts to think about when understanding the ocean’s importance and why we are passionate about protecting it:

  • – 99% of the biosphere is housed in the oceans.
  • – Every second breath we take is generated by the oceans.
  • – More than seven-tenths of Earth’s surface is blue.
  • – We’ve explored less than 5% of the oceans.
  • – Every minute, the equivalent of a dump truck of plastic enters the oceans.
  • – By 2050, there may be more plastic than fish in our oceans by weight.
  • – 12 people have walked on the moon. Only 3 have been to the deepest part of the ocean.
  • – 90% of big fish species have disappeared since 1950.
  • – The largest living structure on Earth is found in the oceans: The Great Barrier Reef.
  • – Plastic is found in 90% of seabirds and more than half the world’s sea turtles.

Sharing a vision in eco innovation, we have some exciting projects coming up with Parley. Stay tuned!

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