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Creative duo Suzie Q and Leo Siboni conjure up “The Great Newman” for our latest collaboration – a story starring Stanley Weber that revels in comic farce and magical illusions. Where the incredible is credible; the unimaginable, imaginable; the impossible, possible!

Set in an empty underground Chinese restaurant, Tomohiro Kiuchi is searching for an entertainment act for his establishment…enter our hapless magician who tries his hand at a series of creative – if not haphazard – tricks. Will he succeed?

With a scintillating irreverence and dry humour, each of the magician’s appearances commands a new Stella Menswear look from our latest collection, adding sparkle to our signature tuxedo and effortless style to beachside prints. Roll up, ladies and gentlemen!

We caught-up with Suzie and Leo who told us all about their thinking behind the project and their creative processes. Read the interview below.

You’ve been described as a ‘creative duo’. How did you meet and how does your professional relationship work?

We met at school, during our photography studies. Before that, Leo had studied Cinema and I had attended a Fine Arts school. We have the same technical knowledge so between us it’s more about sharing thoughts. Before a shoot we like to work on mixing ideas and putting together mood boards – a bit like an art direction team.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the concept for “The Great Newman”?

We’ve always loved the aesthetics of magic; the vintage side to it and also the surrealism involved as well as the proximity with the art of cinema. Playing with the idea of making the audience ‘believe’ and mixing that with a bit of comedy already present in the brand was a great challenge!

The story becomes quite farcical. Do you think there’s an element of farce to magic tricks?

Actually I think magicians are usually quite serious and we wanted to create something comical about the situation while maintaining the notion of manipulation. In the end, the great Newman successfully pulls off his tricks and has the last laugh.

How was it working with Stanley Weber on the project? He really nails the humour!

We were so lucky to have Stanley; I think he accepted to work with us on this project with us because he really got the mood! He saw the dialogues before the shoot but he also did a lot of improvisation and that was magical! We had so much fun on set!

What is the process you go through before shooting a film?

We do a lot of research into different areas: cinema, theatre, dance… When we work for a brand we always try to understand their aesthetic and tone of voice. We’ll write the script and then focus on putting together the right team for the job. Set design, lighting and music, for example, are all very important to us!

You both live and work in Paris; does the city influence your work at all?

The city itself. It’s hard to say but we are definitely inspired by French culture and subculture.

You’ve also made some music videos – does working with music change the way you work?

Working with music – especially with Yung Lean – gives us a lot of freedom; it’s a nice way to experiment with new things.

What’s new for Suzie and Leo in 2018?

New publications for 10Magazine, Numéro and more coming soon 😉 And we would love to do more comedy!

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