post The Circle of Life: The New Stella Menswear Editorial

Shot by photographer Kuba Ryniewicz and styled by Julian Ganio, our latest #StellaBy series shines a spotlight on community bicycle recycling project Recyke Y’bike, refurbishing second-hand bikes for those in need.

Featuring a selection of our new ‘Stella McCartney 2001’ organic cotton staples, the editorial follows our two campaign stars as they explore Recyke Y’bike’s Newcastle workshop. Imagery features circles throughout, both in the form of bike tyres and more literal round cut-out frames—referencing Stella’s dream of circularity and the possibility of a more continuous lifecycle for the things we create.

Recyke Y’Bike is run by over 40 volunteers, taking in used bikes donated by the public and refurbishing them for those in need. They also sell the bikes and offer affordable servicing, using the funds to support their other charity work. Over 500 bikes are donated to development projects in Kenya and Gambia every year. It is the hard work of these local charities that makes a real difference and we are proud to feature the project in our series.

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