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There’s double the hair trouble with our new generation of the Stella gang, as a trio of twins gets creative in our collaboration with artistic director, Isamaya Ffrench.


We’re talking radical. Our sets of twins get their hands on each other’s hair to experiment with cool new styles and express their vibrant flair; from entangled nuts and bolts, to fluro-inspired tie dyes and wet-look swirls. Are we thinking good hair day? Yes!

Isamaya’s bold aesthetic and striking visual language has been felt through her entire body of work, and comes into full focus in her direction for this project.

Read our Q&A with Isamaya to find out more about her work.

Isamaya, tell us about your creative concept for this story.

Stella loved the idea of creating a fun hair led narrative for the story. I thought it could be cool to have the kids doing radical hairstyles on each other.

Why did you choose to feature twins?

Twins are so strong visually. It’s like a miracle of nature and the eye is always drawn to symmetry – I personally find twins very intriguing to look at and it gave the story another interesting element.

How did our new kids’ collection play a part in your overall narrative?

The clothes were fun and the kids themselves really enjoyed wearing them so the whole feeling was very natural and driven by their different characters.

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What is it about hair that can really get our imaginations going?

Kids are so creative instinctively and I find it truly inspiring. They took part in the creative direction for their hairstyles and it was awesome to see how far they would take things. Most of them even asked to wear the hairstyles home!

Did you have any hair disasters growing up? We’ve all been there…

My hair was down past my bum until I was in my 26! One day I decided to chop it off up to my ears and ever since I’ve been devoted to growing it back…

What does the coming year look like for you?

Apparently the tortoise wins the race… so I’m following that philosophy this year.

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