post The world’s first Mylo™️ garments created from vegan mushroom leather

When Stella McCartney launched 20 years ago, we brought a conscience to the fashion industry as the first luxury house to never use leather, feathers, fur or skins. Inspired by V is for Vegan from our McCartney A to Z Manifesto and committed to never compromising on desirability or sustainability, our future has always laid in innovation. That vision and those values are perfectly embodied in our latest launch – the world’s first-ever garments made from vegan, lab-grown Mylo™️ mushroom leather.

Paris Jackson wearing Stella McCartney x Mylo™️ garments

Innovated by our long-time partners Bolt Threads, Mylo™️ is a soft, substantial, sustainable leather alternative made from mycelium, the infinitely renewable underground root system of mushrooms. Remarkably similar to animal products with fewer environmental impacts, it is also not petroleum-based unlike most current synthetic options – meaning more fossil fuels can be kept in the ground and less plastic is deposited into landfills and oceans. We used Mylo™️ to create two garments –a black bustier top and utilitarian trousers– that are not for sale, but do embody the potential of this next-generation material and pave the way for future commercial offerings.

“These rare, exclusive Mylo™️ pieces embody our shared commitment with Bolt Threads to innovate a kinder fashion industry – one that sees the birth of beautiful, luxurious materials as opposed to the deaths of our fellow creatures and planet,” says Stella McCartney.

We first partnered with Bolt Threads on vegan Microsilk™️ in 2017 and have been part of the Mylo™️ journey since its inception. The first product ever created with the mycelium-based material was a prototype of our iconic Falabella bag, which debuted as part of the V&A’s Fashioned from Nature exhibition in 2018.

Mylo™️ is certified bio-based, meaning it is made predominantly from renewable ingredients found in nature today. Scientists at Bolt Threads have spawned a new category of material science by reproducing what happens under the forest floor, where mycelium grows best, in a lab with mulch, air and water.

This state-of-the-art process is designed to have a minimal environmental impact and takes days, not years like raising cattle – helping to save on water, greenhouse gas emissions and protecting vital ecosystems like the Amazon from deforestation. We will continue collaborating with Bolt Threads on Mylo™️ to not only innovate a better material, but create a fashion industry that is kinder to all creatures and Mother Earth.

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