post The pageantry and classicism of Autumn ‘19

Emboldening the British countryside with touches of the theatrical, the new Autumn ’19 collection is a spirited reimagination of quintessentially Stella codes.

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The new campaign sets the stage for the season, set against a luminous, idyllic dreamscape of a rising moon over gentle waves. Models are seen holding a visual representation of the Earth, symbolising that the future of our planet is in our hands. The vivid, three-dimensional backdrop immerses us in a new world, complementing bold pieces and bringing more classic pieces into full focus.

In the collection, pleating is transformed into a statement on standout red dresses, as accordion folds add visual texture and movement. Prince of Wales checks are reframed on effortless silhouettes, while rich knitwear is deconstructed and undone for a relaxed feel. Polka dots are created anew across flowing dresses, as variations in placement and scale give the sophisticated print a modern update.

For men, outerwear and knitwear are brought to life with bold pop graphics, and Fur-Free-Fur returns as a rich black coat. Classicism meets utility on checked workwear jackets and trousers, and minimalism returns as clean staples are finished with the ‘Stella McCartney 2001’ logo.

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