Beginning March 25th, we will be temporarily closing our warehouses in line with new measures introduced by the Italian government. You may continue placing your orders and we will deliver them as soon as our warehouses reopen. Thank you for your continued support.

sustainability Circular solutions

We believe that the future of fashion is circular – it will be restorative and regenerative by design and the clothes we love never end up as waste.


As we continue to push boundaries and challenge the status quo we want to evolve from just reducing our impact to making a positive impact. We want to completely reimagine the fashion industry as we know it and move to a new circular economy.

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We are working to reduce the environmental impacts of our metal consumption by investing in low-impact, recycled or recyclable metals.

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Recycled nylon and polyester

Using recycled materials helps us to transition into a more circular fashion economy, creating a business that is restorative and regenerative by design.

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