post Spring 2021 accessories: Stay mindful, stay joyful, stay home

During this moment of pause, life oscillates between mindfulness and monotony – a simpler, stiller existence, lending itself to an excess of self-reflection. Sparking joy and breaking routine, Spring 2021 accessories serve as a reminder of fashion’s power to help us stay optimistic while we stay home.

Photographer Larissa Hofman captures vegan, cruelty-free shoes and bags delivering an element of eccentric joy and desire. Set over the course of a day spent indoors, iconic pieces excite tangible moments of elevated yet effortless luxury styled alongside Summer 2021 ready to wear – made from progressive materials, connecting us to a hopeful future directly in contrast with the nostalgia we live in.

Key styles include our iconic Falabella, Logo and Chunky Chain bags, stylish both today and someday. Our quintessential Elyse is a step towards a better tomorrow, available as both a platform shoe and sandal, joined by our chunky rubber gum-soled Emilie boots, Zipit flats and sustainable Loops sneakers.

Bringing the fantasy into focus is Stella McCartney Eyewear, now created with bio-acetate frames and bio-lenses reducing our use of raw petroleum-based plastic.

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