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Photographer Mary McCartney takes to Regent’s Park with Stella girl Blue Lindeberg, soaking up summer in the city in the new swim and lingerie collections.

Stella swim and lingerie has always been about celebrating the body confidence and making women feel their best, and this season Blue Lindeberg embodies this free-spirited confidence as she runs wild through London’s iconic Regent’s Park. We take a moment to escape the city noise on a hot summer’s day, with Mary McCartney behind the lens injecting an empowering feminine energy.

Swimwear designs transition from sophisticated polka dots, to modern and graphic colour-blocked pieces, with many styles again constructed from ECONYL® recycled nylon—which contains ocean plastic and fishing nets. The lingerie collection features luxurious floral lace, playful Stella stars and hand-drawn Stella signatures, in soft pink, bold fuchsia and sleek black.

In keeping with the spirit of the collection, we asked Blue and Mary a little about the shoot and what confidence and friendship mean to them. Read on in the Q and A below.


What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty comes from within. Personally, beauty means being able to fall in love with your rawest, most funky, and true self. It’s loving what’s on the inside and outside of my skin.

What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence to me is the feeling of trusting myself. It means being yourself, challenging yourself, and never apologizing for who you are. It’s being secure in my actions. It’s the ability of not doubting my actions. Confidence will always be my most valuable attribute.

On down days, what do you do to boost your confidence?

If I’m ever lacking confidence or feeling down I’ll wear some red lingerie under my casual day clothes. It works wonders for me!

What can girls do to instil body confidence day to day?

Live in the moment! Step back from social media where comparing yourself to other women is so easy. So much of what we see on the internet is altered, edited and tweaked, and even in the cases when it’s not, you put down your phone feeling bad about yourself.

Tell us about working with Mary. What was it like shooting in Regent’s Park?

Oh wow, I had the best time! We ran through the park looking at ducklings and roses. At one point, she asked me to climb a beautiful twisted tree by a pond. Little did she know that I have a completely irrational fear of spiders passed on from my mother. As we were shooting, she stopped and looked at me and asked why my facial expression had gone from smiling to completely blank. I finally blurted out that the tree was infested with small spiders and it was taking all my willpower not to scream! We just laughed!

What is your favourite thing about summer in London?

The smell of the roses and how green all the nature becomes after a season of rain!


What was the concept behind the images?

Playful and bright and confident. Exploring London’s open green spaces.  

What do you love about summer in London?

Making the most of the outdoors, wandering along the Embankment, walking through parks, wandering along the side streets and people watching.

What do you love about Blue (model in campaign)?

I love that she is collaborative, confident and uninhibited.

Why did you shoot at the rose garden a Regent’s park?

Regent’s Park is my favourite park. I’ve spent years getting to know all of its hidden gems.

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