post Iris Law and Jyrrel Roberts explore identity in Stella Shared SS21

Raised during a period of social change, today’s generation understands that our commonalities can become collective strength through an activist lens. Stella McCartney Shared SS21 is a unisex capsule uniting our global tribe of next-gen changemakers around shared progressive values, including friend of the brand Iris Law and her partner Jyrrel Roberts – visually interpreting this season’s punk attitude wearing laidback luxury pieces made from sustainable materials.

“I think there are aspects of being punk that just value freedom. I wouldn’t call myself a punk, but I would apply that non-conformist thinking to how I dress. People are sick and tired of fashion telling them how to be, when it should be including them as they are.” – Iris Law

Both Law and Roberts are artists. They are connected not only by mutual love and respect, but also shared values. They explore notions of freedom and identity wearing our seasonal pieces, celebrating individuality and a dichotomy of feminine and masculine energies. 

“I have known Iris since before she was born and could not be prouder of the woman she is becoming, raising her voice and using her platform to affect positive change. She and Jyrrel are absolutely fearless and non-conformist in what they believe in and wear, and truly embody the values and vision of Stella Shared.” – Stella

Stella Shared SS21 expresses a non-conformist, free-thinking spirit inspired by the punk attitude of legendary Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, with his iconic illustrations on collectable garments and accessories in his first-ever fashion collaboration. Aligned with this tone, classic styles are youthfully disrupted with novel twists including timeless staples easily integrated into any wardrobe and energised with unexpected details.

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