post Introducing our new clear non-PVC

The transparent pieces in our new collection are made from innovative non-PVC materials, making them much less harmful to our planet.

Since ceasing the use of all PVC plastics in 2010, we have been working to find a comparable material with the same versatility and durability. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is by far the most environmentally damaging and toxic of all plastics, with short-term exposure to vinyl chloride in the air resulting in dizziness, drowsiness, and headaches, and long-term exposure leading to much more serious complications. But thankfully, there is now a suitable alternative.

This season sees the introduction of clear pieces like monogram totes, sneakers, heels and shoes, all made from our innovative new non-PVC—boasting similar qualities, with much less negative impact on our planet. We are excited to have developed something with the same look and feel that is kinder to the environment.

Being at the forefront of innovation means we are constantly problem solving. We will continue to experiment and develop new materials as we work toward a more sustainable future.

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