NATIVA™: Regenerative, traceable wool 

Launched by Chargeurs Luxury Materials, it is no surprise NATIVA™ is the world’s leader in luxury combed wool. Born out of passion, NATIVA™️ works closely with each of their breeders to produce wool that is certified to the highest standards of sustainability in the world.  

Traditionally, raising sheep for wool can lead to deforestation and land clearance, soil degradation and biodiversity loss, with 75% of Earth’s land degraded due to harmful farming practices. Moreover, GHG emissions from wool production are far greater than those caused by the production of acrylic, nylon and many other synthetic materials. 


NATIVA™️ is sourced through regenerative farming, also referred to as ‘carbon farming’, which increases biodiversity, regenerates topsoil, improves watersheds, enhances ecosystem services and sequesters carbon. The certified farms NATIVA™️ sources from adhere to the highest levels of animal welfare, responsible land management, environmental protection and care for farmers and local communities. 

What is regenerative wool? 

Regeneration is a robust production system with triple impact; it protects the land by bettering its soil quality, safeguards the animals by ensuring their healthy keeping and supports farmers and local communities by improving their livelihoods. As well as this,  water quality is improved and CO2 levels are decreased.  

Why is traceability important? 

NATIVA™ certifies every step of their process, from farm to fibre. This ensures animal welfare with each farmer assessing feeding, breeding, behaviour, animal handling and health and infrastructure. It also ensures that the capacity and quality of its farms and facilities are managed sustainably, protecting the environment. Finally, it ensures corporate social responsibility through NATIVA™’s strong commitment to respect, defend and apply principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. 

How does this process work? 

NATIVA™ wool comes from a number of certified farms globally who comply with strict levels of animal welfare, land management and ethical work policies. They source the finest wool, testing it for elasticity and resistance before combining them to form the perfect yarn. This yarn is then passed onto NATIVA™’s partners where it becomes fabric, garments or materials of some kind, all certified to rigorous production protocol standards. This means that garments arrive on shop floors with a 100% traceable journey, so customers can trace the entire supply chain of their new purchase. 

NATIVA™ emulates what nature does so well; re-creating their version of a balanced ecosystem in the form of a supply chain in which animals, plants and people can work together to thrive.