A bird’s eye view: The Autumn 2024 collection 

The Autumn 2024 collection inspires new perspectives, as if through an animal’s eyes. Seeing from another being’s point of view is the first step in empathy – enabling us to treat them with more care and compassion. Stella has always taken a different perspective on fashion, having never used leather, feathers, fur or exotic skins since day one. 

Every year, millions of birds are harmed or killed for fashion. Ostrich feathers are the most used of all wild bird feathers, with over one million being killed annually for clothing and accessories. South Africa’s ostrich industry emits some 62,134 tonnes of carbon equivalent emissions each year, with both the production and processing of feathers being more climate-intensive than ostrich skin production. 

This season, we take a bird’s eye view. Seeing the world from wild perspectives and different vantage points. Structural construction and straight edges are contrasted with enshrouding, fluid forms – as if seeing cityscapes and landscapes from great heights. 

Sculptural and graphic shapes are met with a Couture-coded, clean minimalism – contrasted with untamed elements; the frivolity of vegan feathers and Stella animal prints. Linear, lean columns against cocooning cape sleeves, lingerie lace against architected sharp shoulders on Savile Row tailoring, the movement of fringe complements feathered organza, metal hardware juxtaposes with transparent parachuting. While the collection is rich in classic wool coating, there is an unexpected lightness and airiness that runs through.  

The earthy plumages of female birds inspire our nature-based palette – energised with deep peregrine and bright jay blues, acid canary and goldfinch yellows, cardinal reds, oriole oranges, dark heron greys and classic British checks, raven blacks, swan whites and Stella neutrals. This season’s print story revisits our iconic tiger in creamy oatmeal tones alongside brushed ostrich feathers. 

Vegan innovations take flight through our Autumn 2024 bags, including our iconic Falabella – reimagined as a padded tote filled with a hemp shell and BioPuff®, a truly regenerative insulation crafted from bulrushes that are actively contributing to wetland regeneration in Cambridgeshire’s The Great Fen. This fibre source has enabled a reduction in carbon emissions, provided spaces for biodiversity to be boosted and will help build climate resilience to both droughts and flooding. 

The Falabella is additionally rendered in plant-based, plastic-free MIRUM® as well as reptile-embossed and lead-free crystal evening editions. The Frayme continues this after-dark attitude with metal embellishments and tiger prints mirroring ready to wear, made using apple-based UPPEAL™️. 

Footwear continues this season's play with silhouette and shape, reimagining our Elsa pump as gathered kitten heel styles and over-the-knee boots. The Elyse is additionally as mules and clogs featuring the season's metal embellishments and iconic star motifs, crafted entirely from vegan materials. 

This season, 93% of ready-to-wear is crafted from responsible materials. New innovations include BioPuff®, an innovative insulation the uses regenerative bulrushes instead of feather down. We have also created feather alternatives using NONA Source deadstock fabrics, reducing waste. In accessories, key plant and biobased innovations include MIRUM®, VEGEA and UPPEAL™️. 

Discover the full Autumn 2024 collection here.