Spring 2022 Collection

Spring 2022 is a renewal and a return to (night) life, made for Stella women living in the moment and conscious of tomorrow. The collection blends the nostalgic with the futuristic, connecting the experimental aesthetics of Y2K music subcultures and club kids to the digital youth of today.

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Eva Silk Shirt-Blue-medium Eva Silk Shirt-Blue-medium
Price reduced from C$1,110 to C$666
Harem Silk Trousers-Blue-medium Harem Silk Trousers-Blue-medium
Price reduced from C$1,815 to C$1,089
Wool Shorts-Black-medium Wool Shorts-Black-medium
Price reduced from C$935 to C$561
Bodycon Ruched Mini Dress-Blue-medium Bodycon Ruched Mini Dress-Blue-medium
Price reduced from C$2,620 to C$1,572
Midi Skirt-Blue-medium Midi Skirt-Blue-medium
Price reduced from C$1,470 to C$882
Sustainable Viscose
Cotton Bucket Hat-Blue-medium Cotton Bucket Hat-Blue-medium
Price reduced from C$470 to C$282
Bodycon Ruched Mini Dress-Orange-medium Bodycon Ruched Mini Dress-Orange-medium
Price reduced from C$2,080 to C$1,248
Sustainable Viscose
Silk Maxi Dress-Purple-medium Silk Maxi Dress-Purple-medium
Price reduced from C$2,620 to C$1,572
Cropped Silk Shirt-Pink-medium Cropped Silk Shirt-Pink-medium
Price reduced from C$1,205 to C$723
Silk Shorts-Purple-medium Silk Shorts-Purple-medium
Price reduced from C$935 to C$561
Scuba Zip Corset-Black-medium Scuba Zip Corset-Black-medium
Price reduced from C$1,040 to C$624
Alter Mat Mini Zip Skirt-Black-medium Alter Mat Mini Zip Skirt-Black-medium
Price reduced from C$1,605 to C$963
Sustainable Viscose
Falabella Trace Clogs-Black-medium Falabella Trace Clogs-Black-medium
Price reduced from C$1,125 to C$675
Belted Maxi Dress-Orange-medium Belted Maxi Dress-Orange-medium
Price reduced from C$2,215 to C$1,329
Sustainable Viscose
Gaia Platform Espadrilles-Orange-medium Gaia Platform Espadrilles-Orange-medium
Falabella Raffia Medium Tote-Orange-medium Falabella Raffia Medium Tote-Orange-medium
Price reduced from C$1,305 to C$783
Logo Tape Trousers-Yellow-medium Logo Tape Trousers-Yellow-medium
Price reduced from C$1,310 to C$786
Cropped Cotton Shirt-White-medium Cropped Cotton Shirt-White-medium
Price reduced from C$840 to C$504
Organic cotton
Air Slide-Yellow-medium Air Slide-Yellow-medium
Price reduced from C$440 to C$264
Wool Coat-Yellow-medium Wool Coat-Yellow-medium
Price reduced from C$2,820 to C$1,692
Cut-Out Knit Dress-Yellow-medium Cut-Out Knit Dress-Yellow-medium
Price reduced from C$1,780 to C$1,068
Stella Logo Crossbody Bag-Yellow-medium Stella Logo Crossbody Bag-Yellow-medium
Price reduced from C$1,345 to C$807
+ 2 Colours
Tailored Double Breasted Jacket -Yellow-medium Tailored Double Breasted Jacket -Yellow-medium
Price reduced from C$2,215 to C$1,329