Q&A with Stella

What made you want to launch your own fragrance?

I wanted to create a fragrance that I would want to wear. A fragrance that was traditional, reflecting my English heritage while at the same time I wanted to blend my favorite scents by playing with contrasts and oppositions as I do in my fashion.

What was the inspiration behind STELLA, your first fragrance?

For STELLA, I wanted something delicate and feminine, the rose, to be mixed with something intense and more masculine, amber, contrasting fragility and strength. This is how I came to choose those two facets. STELLA was my very first fragrance, it bears my name and expresses a vision of a modern, confident femininity that I still cherish and believe in today.

With the Print Collection, you chose to make a direct reference to your accessories this season.

To me, my clothing, accessories and fragrances are always connected. They are both inspired by the same vision of design and beauty. The idea was create something unique and accessible to women everywhere who love fashion.

What was your inspiration for L.I.L.Y, your new fragrance?Creating a fragrance is very visual for me. I close my eyes and I see a story. L.I.L.Y is a modern love affair. It is a journey through the senses that begins with the smell of a spring morning. Walking through dappled sunlight across a forest floor, the discovery of moss beneath your feet. And underneath the roots and dark earth is the almost overwhelming, very masculine sensuality of truffles.

Who is the L.I.L.Y woman?

My vision of the L.I.L.Y woman is very much the story of a girl becoming a woman. It’s that unique moment when you realise as a woman that you’re leaving something behind and entering into a new stage of your life. She can be a working mother trying to balance her career, her family and her love life or a young, single professional with no time to settle down. In both cases, she wants to be reassured about her femininity and seductive power.

What inspires the bottle designs?

I love perfume bottles. Creating a bottle is a journey, a story made up of memories. I wanted to create something that would last forever. I really believe that it should become a part of your interior and a part of your life. It should be something so precious that you don’t ever want to throw it away, and that you hand onto your loved ones.

Do fashion and beauty complete themselves?

I would say complement rather than complete as they are very much related and are ways to show our personality while also helping women to feel and look good.