Winter 2014

Energy and movement celebrate a sophisticated do-it-yourself attitude, playing with function and utility. Zippers become hand-worked embroidery on coats, and the necklines of classic midnight and blade suiting. Tag cutter ivy green parkas and zipped-up pockets reflect practicality. Masculine feminine tailoring; contrasting narrow silhouette with stirrup trousers and sculptural sleeves, in petroleum green and barolo red twills. Parkas are oversized in black quilted scribble and technical taffeta.

Swirled with a free-spirited hand, mountaineering cords are used as embroidery motifs travelling the body of storm grey tweeds. The pace softens; crochet boyfriend tops are paired with super soft natural wool boucle coating. Knitwear wraps the body; with asymmetrical mélange blankets and matching knitted bag in layers of nude, charcoal and storm.

Tie-dye fil coupé knits and cut work are introduced to add a softer edge to bold shapes in emerald green and black. Shibori technique is used to experiment with colour blocking on prints and jacquards in burnt orange and claret, cerulean and midnight, emerald and black. A masculine trench coat with a silver tipped wave belt contrasts fluid tie-dye printed silk.

Combinations of storm, claret, ruby, emerald and black create an optical pattern of pixelated colours. Suspended fringing, twisted and draped sensually, connect around the body. Embroidered waves on tulle echo the sway of the fringes and hint at the contours of the body.

The Cavendish bag featured colours and cut-out stars that echo the collection. Shoes are masculine and sporty, mixing the British tradition of the Derby and Monkstraps with a squared-off toe and sustainable wooden platforms.