Bill Viola exhibition at MOCA North Miami

Stella McCartney has sponsored a major exhibition of work by Bill Viola shown at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), North Miami and opening during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Bill Viola is a recognized pioneer of video art, known for his immersive installations which envelop the viewer in image and sound. These environments explore both Eastern and Western spirituality as well as universally human subjects such as birth, death and the nature of consciousness. The body of work featured in this exhibition, Liber Insularum (The Book of Islands) was inspired by The Book of the Islands of the Archipelago, a 15th century text by Florentine monk, Cristoforo Buondelmonti. Viola’s works use this historic text as a reference point to engage with distinctly modern themes of spiritual isolation in a 21st-century global landscape.

Visit the exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art from 5th December 2012 to 3rd March 2013. Read more about it here